Le Traste

by Le Traste

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released May 30, 2009



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Le Traste Madrid, Spain

Formados en 2008 en Madrid (España), Le Traste han grabado tres discos, 'Le Traste', 'Time for the braves' e 'Incendios en desiertos'. Han girado por España y Portugal y compartido escenario con artistas como Damien Jurado, Alex Clare, Elvira o Luisiana. También han actuado en festivales como el Dcode junto a bandas como Sigur Ros, The Killers o Kings of Convenience. Contacto: letraste@gmail.com ... more

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Track Name: Anomia
Show me the word to call this weird state of mind
I wont be able to name it
Short, straight roads
they're not the best way to get here fast
So take your time to find the right curve to turn
Beware of the signs, they'll lead you wrong
I've been trying to avoid these social costumes and half closed doors and useless keys to nowhere
I still prefer the dark nights than the white lies. The truth prevails as a white light if you keep holding tight
Track Name: Reverse
Only a few steps away from delirium
Across the back door
Beyond the senses, towards true deliverance
Across the back door
I wont stop
Im a speck of dust in the air, I obey the whims from wind
Across the back door
I got a reverse, I got a reverse
And this is the time and way to turn the command over
Does anybody fear their own thoughts?
Does anybody shudder with the shades of words?
Now I can free up, now I can cheer up
When some lines seem to be red all over again
It's time to turn the page
The chains are broken
The doors are open
Now I can turn my seconds into hours,
Now I can turn the problems into smiles
I promise not to deal with the deepest side of me
I promise not to deal with the unreal
I got a reverse
Track Name: Raise a Home
This was part of a plan we didnt have in mind
As so many things in our lives it just happened by itself
We choose to carry on
And now we have a place on Earth
A spot to call just ours
A house to raise a home
Take some sit around and just enjoy a song to carry on

Hang some memories and paintings
and let's fill this empty walls
Then we'll add some friends, and laughts and tears and boring sundays
To complete this tiny hole
Here's where we belong

Because now we have a place on Earth
A spot to call just ours
A house to raise a home

We really know how to survive
but now we gotta learn to thrive
and be strong
So many challenges will test our ability to overcome
we'll be strong

Dawn comes along, love
and we're strong
Because this house is just a home
Track Name: The Rain on me
The wild road has been cut
The wolves defean me with their howl

Is this the place to belong?
Outside the rain hits the ground, looks no safe
Is this the way to be done?
Dont let it rain on me

If fate's been wrote
and miles were made to be walked
Then I'll walk

From my tower block
I play just safe and sound
Above the wolves, roads
just staring at flower's growth
After all the rain goes away for me
Track Name: Every single May
Look at all the chances I've wasted
Are new troubles on the way?
But hey, wait; we're just starting May

Yesterday I had this old dream
I lifted from the floor up on the sky
I crossed the universe flying over tensions

Spring swallows woke me up
Then I dried my tearful eyes
There's no time to fly

Here I am, confused as always, old as never before
Years took my hope away
I know thing won't change while I don't want them to

When all the systems fail I'll be prepared
To take advantage of every word I've say
And be right here on every single May.
Track Name: Doubts and barriers
I faced all the troubles yesterday and they turned into others
But I fought the tears and the wrong ways to remember what Ive been

I swam against five thousand waves in spite of naggin doubts and barriers
Bu now I've found the words, the time and place to be sure of who I am.
It's been a lonely time without you my only love

And I'm walking these streets as a foreigner
And I'm seeking the beauty on every insignificant act
Now I've got a path to walk
Track Name: Eleanor
Eleanor Im just trying to be strong
Eleanor Im just trying to belong
but they drag me down they drive me mad

You just smiled when days were just grey
A clouded time

You woke up when nightmares came at night
And cold sweat became tears and fears grew up and made me cry

But you didnt get me wrong for being such a hard son
You would have die for me as I would die for you
Track Name: Until life goes on
Morning came afterwards
I can live on tears to drain each night a pond
To be honest Im trying to hold on until life goes on
But I know time wont wait for me to wake up

I'll try to run from dead ends and fears
All the way across past until here
I'll try to paint my own picture of life
And pray for nigtmares not to come back again
Track Name: Next stop
Im stopping here.
It doesnt matter where they wanted me to be.
Words dont mean a thing if we enforce ourselves to play a role to live
Their war is over, old suffer's gone.
Im stoping here.
Train's about to go but Im on time to wait for another one or two
Doors are open now for me to cross each threshold without looking back to the previous coach
Im still that passenger who see the landscape running by
I could always return to the ease of trusting fate
There's a hundred roads when distance's on your way
Im on the way
Im climbing up the walls, stepping outside the rail, tearing up the air, breathing life at all time
Im stopping here.
It doesnt matter where they wanted me to be.
Track Name: The final line
Dear, time is almost over but Im not afraid
Winter's getting colder but we can go outside
feel the sun in our faces as wind gets warmer and time goes away so slowly
with your little stories of friends, years and grandsons and cute girlfriends on your mind
Saddest years of cruel war between brothers and big times
All mixed up with a smile and no worries at all
For those who no longer breath but still live in your mind.
Now you're ready to cross the final line
I'll be there when you cross the final line